Good Morning!

The wind has been having its own way this week, hasn’t it? The new leaves that have burst out on the trees are dancing these days – our hair stays in a constant state of blown- trash cans are overturned and our dog is having a field day with all the smells that are being tossed about! I love the wind. I grew up in a lovely little picket of pine trees all around our house and nothing put me to sleep faster than the wind blowing through those branches. Nowadays, with Pentecost coming in a few Sundays, the wind reminds us of the Holy Spirit that dances with us through life on this earth. If you listen very carefully, you can hear his voice above it all: I am with you, brining you comfort, sharing your burden, loving you, protecting you. Let the wind blow!!!!!

Here are a few things to remember this week:

BREAKFAST THIS SUNDAY FROM 9:30 – 10:30! No need to bring anything…the table will already be set! Specia l thanks to Jim Dye. All are welcome!

Want to join a Women’s Fellowship?  Contact Linda Hessel at or sign up on table in back of Sanctuary.

Unified Council Meeting on Sunday, May 21 after church. Please let Greg Frazier know if you have an item for the agenda.

The group Martha plays with (Carroll Co. Wind Ensemble) will have a concert this Tuesday, May 9 at 7:30 at the Cultural Arts Center in Carrollton, Tickets available online.


Love you!  See you Sunday!