Good Morning!

Yesterday morning I went to the Rec Center in town and met with some of the pastors and church members of Whitesburg churches. There were Methodists and Baptists and Christian Church folk and Church of God folk there. There were white people and people of color. The purpose of the meeting was very simple……yet very powerful: to pray for the churches of Whitesburg as we strive to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the community. Darry Hessel, one of the facilitators of the newly formed group, reported that our churches are “limping” and are in need of prayer. And don’t we all know that is true? Praying means lots of things: it means trusting, it means asking, it means believing, it means taking a chance and having faith and being there to answer the call when those prayers are answered, sometimes in ways we never imagined. I’m telling you about this because I want you all to know that you are invited to be a part of this “sweet hour of prayer” too. The goal is to increase in number so that our prayers change not only the community but us as well. It is only when we are open to the voice of God that we can really live out God’s will.  The next meeting will be on Friday, August 18 at 10:00 at the Rec Center. Hope to see you there!

SCHOOL HAS STARTED! There’s something to pray for!!  Let’s be so thankful for all teachers and administrators and workers. I am in awe of what these wonderful and devoted people do every day! Pray for them and for the students they teach, that their lives would be ordered in such a way that allows them to enjoy the world and to learn and to grow and to mature. They are our future. Pray for parents and for grandparents and for all those who are raising children. Give them strength and wisdom.

So SUNDAY IS COMIN’!!!  Sherri Johnson will be sharing her testimony as well as information about our upcoming UMCOR Mission project. Sherri is the chair of our Outreach Team and we are so grateful for her willingness to lead this area of our church life. Please make a point to come and support her work and hear how God is working in her life. So glad Terri found us!  We are blessed!

Don’t forget Sunday School! 9:45….Martha will be leading and we will be asking the question: DID JESUS REALLY SAY THAT???

Tomorrow is also the day that we will all need to plan to stay after church and get things ready for the new carpeting in the Sanctuay and the Fellowship Hall that will be put in this week. If possible, bring a drill to help undo the pews from the floor. We will also need to move hymnals, furniture, tables and chairs. It won’t take long if everyone will help.


And finally, don’t forget that NEXT SUNDAY IS HOMECOMING! Tommy and Vicky Holder will be here, the music will be awesome, and the meal will be a treat!  You can sign up for what dish you will be bringing on the back table of the Sanctuary.   WE WILL START AT 10:30 RATHER THAN 11:00!!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday afternoon. Sleep well and come on the church tomorrow! It won’t be the same without you!

Love you all. Pray for me as I pray for you!