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Happy Friday Afternoon!

What a week! The weather has been all the news. Before you go to sleep tonight, as you say your prayers, remember to pray for all those who are at the mercy of floods and fires and winds. May God bless and give them strength, and may God use us to reach out and find a way to help them find shelter and peace.

We are experimenting this week with a new way to access the SUNDAY’S COMIN’ email through our web page. So be looking for a second email tonight that will instruct you to click on a link that SHOULD open this same message in the Whitesburg UMC webpage! Isn’t that neat!  So, when you see the link, please check it out and see if it works then let Kurt Nicholson know.

The big news is HOMECOMING!! I’ve talked to Tommy and Vicky and they are so excited about coming to visit on Sunday. Remember, the service starts at 10:30 and we will share a meal afterward. Bring a dish or two to share.

But, before the gift or worshiping together, we need to get the church ready with a clean up day. The carpet is down in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. We will meet at 10:00 tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Come ready to clean all the bugs out of the window sills, the gummy stuff off the stove, and anything else that should not be there! Seriously, there will be a lot to do and we need lots of hands When you walk in the door, there will be a list of jobs…….choose one and get started!  And thank you in advance!

So, get yourself to bed early tonight and join us in the morning! I love you all and can’t wait for Sunday!  See you tomorrow!