Afternoon Church Family,

Hope you are all well and have been enjoying the rain. I can still remember my mother telling me when I would get frustrated with having to stay inside on a rainy spring day – April showers bring May flowers! That has turned out to be a good, geed lesson in life for many things!

Our little group who went to see DaVinci’s Last Supper exhibit (and those of you who went at other times) learned a lot about the man and the painting. For example, I’ve looked at that painting a hundred times…….but never realized there were dragons printed on the tablecloth! I never realized that the moment caught by DaVinci is the moment Jesus told his disciples gathered around the table that he was to be arrested and killed. I never realized that the faces of the 12 disciples were the faces of people the artist saw on the street or at the store or at a concert, and that he had a little sketch pad he kept on his waist so he could grab it and catch the expression. So much to learn about such a familiar painting!

On Sunday, I hope we will learn something we didn’t know about a familiar Psalm – the 23rd Psalm will be the basis for the sermon and the worship. The sermon will be based on a little book written by Phillip Keller, who among other things has been a sheep farmer, a modern day shepherd. I learned so much I didn’t know about taking care of sheep, and how David, another shepherd, was writing about the very same truths. Jim asked me this morning what the sermon was about. When I told him, he said he thought that might be pretty easy to preach on. Not so sure about that! I want to give you more than interesting facts. As a matter of fact, I want to give you something to change your life! The Lord is my shepherd! That’s a big deal! I look forward to seeing you!

Three reminders for you today:

Tomorrow, you are invited to come and meet Emily Dickinson (who you know as Sybil Rosen) here at the church at 2:00PM. I can’t wait!! Sybil is an award winning playwright, a novelist and an actress. You don’t need a ticket. Just come. Donations will benefit the Whitesburg Public Library. So glad that we can sponsor this wonderful event! I hope it will be the beginning of many times we can welcome the community to our church!

Finally, our Worship Team will be meeting on Wednesday at 2:00PM to start conversation about summer worship. All are welcome to attend! 

Take care of yourselves! Do something good for yourself! And most of all, be kind! I love you and look forward to seeing you both tomorrow and Sunday!

Grace and Peace,