Good Morning Church!

I love this time of year: graduations from pre school all the way to graduate school; a time for teachers to be able to say to parents, “Tag! You’re IT!!!!”; vacation plans coming together; a chance to catch our breath! It’s important to take a little time off. Jesus surely realized this as he found time to be alone and more deeply connected to his Father. May we do the same during these months of summer. Whether you find yourself at the beach, in the mountains, or just sitting in the backyard, take a minute to be quiet, to stop being in control, and hear the voice of God. Let yourself be renewed and strengthened.

Sunday is Pentecost Sunday and you are invited to WEAR RED and to come and be reminded of the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit, the wondrous nearness of God in our lives and in the life of the church. If you have one, bring a red candle to place on the altar table to remind us of the power of God not only in the world, but in our hearts as well. Pentecost is often called the “birthday of the church.”  I like to think of it as that time when God gave us our marching orders to go out into the world and live like Jesus. Then he gave us the power to do just that! I hope you will be there Sunday to celebrate!

During the months of June, July and August, we will be enjoying CAMPMEETING SUNDAYS! These will offer us a time of stepping back a bit from the busyness of our lives and just seeking a bit of rest and restoration. Our services will be less formal, and there will be a variety of speakers and preachers. Also, each Sunday, we will enjoy LEMONADE ON THE LAWN, a time to connect with each other following church.  Hope your summer is a wonderful one and you get to travel and have fun………but also make sure to come to church as often as you can!

To help us understand the recent news concerning the UMC and the disaffiliation process, we will have an informational question and answer session following church next Sunday, June 4.  If you have specific questions, please email them to me in advance.

Love you all! And see you on Pentecost Sunday!